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The ’Preferent’ stallion Nimmerdor was ridden at international level by Albert Voorn, with whom he jumped in various World Cups and international competitions at Berlin Paris Gothenburg Dortmund and London. Nimmerdor holds the top position in the Dutch jumping index and breeds with the highest degree of reliability. His reputation is still growing. He is responsible for Up To Date, Zadok, Ahorn, San Patrigano, Avenir. Canadian Colours and over 40 other Grand Prix horses. He has sired more than 30 graded stallions. He has excellent grandsons in Emilion, Holland, Catherston Zebedee and Catherston Zulu. A top show jumper who was selected for the Los Angeles Olympics his sire was a major influence on Dutch Breeding and his dam is by the Thoroughbred Koridon.


Nimmerdor represents one of the most influential 'founding' sires of the Dutch Warmblood - Farn. Farn was born in Holstein and descends from the Achill or 'F' line that began in 1877. Next to the Ethelbert line, it is the oldest Holsteiner stallion line. Farn himself left only a few offspring in Holstein, and his description in the official Holstein stallion book is less than glowing: 'Somewhat inharmonious stallion with a lovely head carriage. Built slightly 'down hill', good shoulder, flat back, heavily padded loin. Heavy bone, weak pasterns. Good mover.'


At his performance test in 1975, Nimmerdor starred in the jumping, and went on to an International career with Albert Voorn, competing in Berlin, Paris, Goteborg, Dortmund and London. He was selected for the Los Angeles Olympics, but his owner, Weipke van der Lageweg decided he should stay home and concentrate on his breeding activities.


As a sire, Nimmerdor has been equally successful, even before he retired from the competition arena, his progeny were starting to make their way through the ranks. Nimmerdor is currently ranked 29th on the World Breeding Federation ranking for the period 1992/2001 on the basis of a staggering 42(!) international level jumpers. These include such stars as Himmerdor with Paul Freimüller, Broere Goldenbridge and Wout-Jan Van der Schans, Heartbreak and Peter Geerink and Canadian Colours and Jill Henselwood. Nimmerdor has more than 40 approved stallion sons around the world and is proving himself to be the sire of sires: his son, Ahorn after a successful International jumping career, went on to sire current jumping sensation AK High Valley Z, the recent winner of the TNT Sires of the Century competition for the second year running. At the moment, 25% of the top 150 Dutch jumping horses are out of Nimmerdor mares - and at the age of 30, the grand old man of Dutch breeding is still healthy hale.



Ramiro Z


In a lifespan of thirty years, Ramiro Z's performance as a sporthorse and breeding sire, has earned him already the title - ’Stallion of the Century’.


"When Ramiro Z was presented for selection, he was described as the ideal type of the modern Holsteiner - strongly imprinted by his dam, tall and elegant, showing the top line of h is grandfather, Cottage Son xx, with powerful frame, a glorious face and large, clear eyes. His excellently formed neck, beautifully set, could still be seen, even when he was an old horse, and are stamped on his progeny. Ramiro Z displayed a very good walk, a normal trot. and a great canter - it was impossible not to be enthusiastic.


Fortunately Ramiro Z ’s offspring show their ancestor’s genetic power and performance

Ramiro Z influence can be found in all the major stud books from around europe, Ramiro Z himself was conceived in Holstein, born in Westfalia, licenced at Neumünster

Ramiro Z was the most popular distributor of the Ramzes blood and the most frequented sire in Germany. He stood at stud in Westfalia, Holstein, Zangersheide and Holland. You will find Numerous children and grandchildren of Ramiro Z competing at the top levels of show jumping and dressage. Ramiro Z himself also was an international show jumper with showjumper Frtiz Liggges. Ramiro Z was one of the first stallions to appear in the sport of show jumping. During his own sporting career, Ramiro Z had numerous wins at all levels of showjumping - Nations Cups, Puissance (jumping over 2.2 metre!) and in international Grand Prix competition.


Successful progeny of Ramiro Z include the super mare, Fatinitza, showjumping from victory to victory under Fritz Ligges and Thomas Frühmann, and later mother of the Zangerheide stallion, Almiro Z, three stallions: Rinaldo (out of a Trakehner mare), Rio Negro, who became a Grand Prix dressage horse, trained by Willi Schultheis, and Ronald. Ramiro Z is probably best known for breeding the legendary mare Ratina Z (by Ramiro Z out of Argentina by Almé), the gold medal showjumping winner at Barcelona and the World Cup winner of 1992, is a famous example of Zangersheide's breeding program.


Ramiro Z ’s was influencial on all the major stud books for sports horse, the Dutch Warmblood breeding society bestowed the title - ’Horse of the Year’ - on Ramiro Z in 1992. While for Leon Melchior’s performance breeding program at Zangersheide, Ramiro Z became the strongest and most successful pillar especially when paired with the Alme bloodline.






When the German Warmblood breeders of the 1960s and 1970s turned to the Thoroughbred for refinement and athleticism, there were a number of important stallions that played a key role in the shaping of the modern Holstein sport horse – none was more significant than Ladykiller.


While he stood in the far north of Germany, in Holstein, his influence continues to spread. In 2002 the most expensive horse at the prestigious “Fences” Auction in France, was L’Arc de Triomphe who sold for 460,000 euros, a world record for a three year old – and he is a direct descendent of the great Ladykiller, indeed with a double cross on the sire line since he is by Landor S, by Landadel by Landgraf by Ladykiller, and out of Novella out of Furth, also by Ladykiller.


Ladykiller was born in England in 1961 but he was no star on the racetrack, racing three times in two years and rating only a 80.5 kilo handicap – which luckily for him, was 0.5 kilos more than the minimum required for a Thoroughbred stallion to be accepted into German breeding ranks.

Before his death in 1979, Ladykiller sired 35 stallion sons including the twin pillars of Holstein: Landgraf and Lord.


Both Landgraf and Lord, it should be noted, were out of mares with a good percentage of Thoroughbred blood – Lord’s dam was a full throughbred, while Landgraf’s dam was 25% Thoroughbred.

Ladykiller’s pedigree features all the usual suspects found on jumping Thoroughbred pedigrees namely Blue Peter, Phalaris and Son in Law.


In his Stallion Book of the Holsteiner Warmblood Breed, Dr Dietrich Rossow had this to say about Ladykiller and his influence:


"He was an averaged sized, clearly masculine type with a beautiful head, really heavy neck, good shoulder, rather flat loin, and a nicely coupled, heavily muscled croup. He had first rate legs and feet for a Thoroughbred and was an elastic mover. He was everything a state breeding program could wish for. With his 35 approved sons and 195 approved daughters, he has had the greatest impact of all on the Holsteiner breed. His best produce came through crosses with mares with some Thoroughbred blood. This was just the opposite case as with Anblick. When crossed with coarse, common mares, Ladykiller produced accordingly. Today he must be viewed as one of the most important jumper sires of modern time. To enumerate all of his great performance offspring in the world of jumping goes beyond the limits of this essay."

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